14 day tours

Four 15-day circuits in Mauritania, the wonderful circuits through the landscapes, from Adrar, Tagant, also the Banc d’Arguin, even the railway, also Chinguetty, Ouadane, Tichitt, Oualata.

circuits 15jours
Oualata houses in banco, and its traditional decorations

In addition to these 15-day tours in Mauritania, you have the option of requesting à la carte tours or tailor-made trips.

As well as “AMATLICH TOURS” Hikes and treks in the Mauritanian desert by 4X4 or camel, then
Chinguetti and Ouadane manuscripts, rock paintings, Oasis, Gueltas…

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Visit Mauritania with “AMATLICH TOURS” Long sandy beaches, old towns (Oualata, Tichitt, Chinguetty, Ouadane).

where time seems to have stopped, grandiose landscapes of the Sahara, omnipresent sun: Mauritania does not lack attraction for Western tourists anxious to forget for a time the tensions of city life and to reconnect with nature.

Sand as far as the eye can see in the North-West, desert immensities dotted with oases in the center, also pastures everywhere where the water falls from the sky, large numbers of herds in the South-East and South, thousand-year-old cities, an agriculture that is both very ancient and very modern: similarly, Mauritania offers all those who agree to travel through it a multitude of tourist circuits in their natural state, preserved from all pollution.

It is a country and its inhabitants that we come to discover for the greatest pleasure of the eyes, the heart and the intellect. All those who have walked it have left enchanted.

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