4x4 tour, Duration 14 days

Come and discover: Parc de Banc d'Arguin, Adrar & also Tagant

Banc d’Arguin Park, Palm groves of El Gleitat and El Meddah in Erg Amatlich, also the Imraguenne fishing villages: Nouamghar & Iwik

The route:

Arrival in Nouakchott
Reception at the airport, transfer to the hotel and overnight stay.

The Banc d’Arguin,
First departure towards the Banc d’Arguin park, passing through the villages of the Imraguenne fishermen: Nouamghar to Iwik so that
we discover the simple life of the Nomads, then Night at the inn..

The Banc d’Arguin,
in this area we rent a lanche to the islands to visit the colonies of birds, then return in the evening Pass to the Akchar massif, then
Bivouac under the stars or in a nomadic tent.

then continue with the Akchar massif and Bennichab
Then, Bivouac with tea under the stars or in a nomadic tent.

The Amatlich
Road to Akjoujt and also other oases with the massif of high dunes of “Amatlich”
Then, Bivouac with tea under the stars or in a nomadic tent on the high dunes of Amatlich.

Palm groves of El Gleitat and El Meddah
Departure to oasis Lgleitat and EL Meddah of high dunes of Amatlich the largest palm grove in Mauritania.
cords of dunes planted with palm trees, here begins the long cord of dunes of amatlich, and for us to discover the simple life of the Nomads
Then, Bivouac with tea under the stars or in a nomadic tent or on the high dunes of Amatlich.

Tifoujar, Oued El Abiod, Atar, Azougui oasis,
Then the top of the “TIFOUJAR” pass, the view is impressive.
a cut of 200 meters in height literally throws itself into the EL-Abiod wadi at the bottom of the valley, the dunes rise to attack this completely sandy pass.
Then Atar
We then head to Atar, the current capital of the Adrar region, which hosts the largest and most colorful market in the whole region with its exotic products, typical of the Saharan trade.
Then the Azougui Oasis
We first visit Azougui, former capital of the Almoravids who inhabited Spain in the 11th century, and current place of worship due to the presence of the tomb of Imam EL-Hadrami.
Then, accommodation in a hostel.

Canyons of Adrar, Oudane, Guelb er Richat
Our journey of the day is a course of about 120 km in an unpaved track real desert of sand dunes, without tracks, where we can perceive the isolation of the lost cities of the desert.
Then arrived in Ouadane.
We visit the museum which illustrates the highly glorious past of this country. then we visit “Guelb er Richat”, an old volcano crater,
Then, accommodation in a hostel.

.We return to Chinguetti, the 7th holy city of Islam, dating from the 11th century, with its dry stone houses and its famous mosque declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
We visit the old town, the museum and the library
then Amogjar Canyon
Then continue to the canyon of Amogjar with rock paintings and visit one of the remains of the film “fort saganne”, and through the pass of Ould Ebnou. We return to Atar, and Oasis of Azougui
Then, accommodation in a hostel.

Chinguitti – Zarga – El Aiene Safra
At sunrise, we leave Chinguetti, towards zarga and its surroundings with their wonderful landscape and also we visit the village of EL AIEN SAFRA with these dry stone houses
Then, Bivouac under the stars or in a nomadic tent.

El Aiene Safra – Rachid Oasis
We leave EL AIEN SAFRA since we return to the great oasis of Rachid
Then, Bivouac under the stars or in a nomadic tent.

Tidjukja – N’beika – Matmata
Departure to the capital of tagant tidjukja you will visit its market, its old houses and then to N’BAIKA oasis with its vast palm grove, lunch visit the large palm grove of N’Beika and the guelta of Matmatah, where some crocodiles survive (observed recently).
Then, Bivouac under the stars or in a nomadic tent.

Gsar El Barka
Gsar El Barka, abandoned ghost town, founded in the 17th century.
“KSAR EL-BARKA” was built in the deep wadi of el-ebiad in the heart of one of the most beautiful hydrographic networks of Tagant, before its destruction in 1822.
The small city prospered thanks to the caravan trade and the cultivation of the date palm. “GSAR EL-BARKA” presents a remarkable architecture,
Then, Bivouac under the stars or in a nomadic tent.

Gsar El Barka – Nouakchott
In the direction of the “Hope” road, which will take you through the towns of Sanrava, Makta lihjar, also Aleg, Boutilimit… and several nomadic villages and then Nouakchott for a visit to the brightly colored market, sunset over the beach where the artisanal fishermen work.
Finally dinner in town then transfer to the airport.


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* The price includes:

  • Reception and transfer to the airport
  • Accommodation
  • Full board
  • Camping equipment (Nomad tent.)
  • Transport in 4×4 Vehicles
  • 4×4 fuels
  • spear fees
  • French-speaking guide
  • To cook
  • entrances to sites and museums and libraries.

* Not Included in the price:

  • Fly and cool
  • visa fees
  • Travel assistance insurance
  • drinks and personal expenses, tips
  • All charges not specified.

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