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The price includes

– Airport reception
– Accommodation
– Full board
– Camping equipment (nomadic tent)
– Transport in 4×4 vehicles
– 4×4 fuels
– Lance fees
– French-speaking guide
– To cook
– Entrances to sites and museums and libraries

* Not included in the price

– Steals and charges
– Visa fees
– Travel assistance insurance
– drinks and personal expenses, tips
– All unspecified costs


The best time to travel to Mauritania is from October to April. In summer, the climate cools off on the coast thanks to the Atlantic breeze, but the interior of the country is subject to the typical Saharan climate, dry and hot.


Each person should carry their basic first aid kit (aspirins, dressings, bandages, disinfectant, antibiotics, anti-diarrheal, laxatives, serum, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, etc.) as well as the specific medications for any treatments they would be following.


The currency is the Ouguiyas: The currency exchange rate

Compulsory currency declaration when you enter Mauritania, to be completed at each exchange to return it to customs when leaving the country. it is very difficult to change money with cards or bank checks, we recommend carrying cash.


Passport: Valid 6 months after return date,
Visa is mandatory


A large flexible travel bag closed with a padlock (no suitcase).
A small bag to hold your personal effects for the day.
A 0° approved sleeping bag and a sheet sewn in the shape of a bag.
A pair of lightweight walking shoes.
A pair of sandals, cotton socks.
Light and loose cotton clothes: long-sleeved shirts, T-shirts, tracksuits, canvas pants with pockets…
A fleece for the evening.
A knife, a gourd of 1 liter minimum
A lamp (preferably headlamp) with spare batteries and bulbs
Sunscreen (lips and skin), mosquito repellent
Sunglasses, hat or cap. Swimsuit and towel.
Linen and toiletries, wipes, toilet paper and a lighter to burn it after use.



We provide you with nomadic tents adapted to the size of the group, We also provide mattresses, mats for your starry nights, as well as kitchen equipment


– In hotels in Nouakchott and in hostels in Chinguetti, Ouadane, Atar and Tidjijka, Oualata, National Park.
– in a bivouac under a Moorish tent set up every evening or under the stars.


In the desert the menus are therefore simple, made up of local food. Breakfast will include coffee or tea with bread and jam or biscuits. Lunch will be picnic type with salads and fruit. in the evening (couscous, paws, mutton or méchoui… In the cities, dinner will be taken at restaurants


Mauritania is a country with a Muslim tradition: be sure to respect the customs of this country by wearing decent clothing (no shorts) throughout your stay.
Alcohol is prohibited in Mauritania.
During Ramadan, drink, eat and smoke in public during the day should be avoided.


If at the end of the trip you can give clothes, equipment to the team of camel drivers or drivers, the gesture will be appreciated. Likewise when we meet nomads or cross the villages will the children appreciate pens or sweets? Money is necessary, but you can also help by bringing with you clothes, school supplies, medicines.

Cancellation & modification of the trip

1.1 Notification

If you cannot make the trip to which you have subscribed, you must inform us by e-mail or registered letter, indicating your reasons.

The date Amatlich Tours receives the notice of waiver will determine the cost to be paid as a result of such cancellation.

1.2. Cancellation costs

In the event of cancellation or modification of a trip less than 45 days before departure, you will have to pay part of the trip in addition to the administration fees. The fixed amount is according to the date of cancellation:

* 45–31 days before departure 25%,

* 30–21 days before departure 50%,

* 20–09 days before departure 75%,

* 08–01 days before departure 100%,

For trips planned in groups of individuals grouped together or with a minimum number of participants, the cancellation of a

passenger being likely to call into question the conditions applicable to the other participants, an additional 20% of the cancellation costs set out above may apply.

1.3. Change fees

For any modification of stay after signature of the contract, an administrative fee of 50€ will be requested per file.

These costs will not apply from the moment the price of the transformed file is higher.

1.4 Entrance tickets

Entrance tickets for cultural or sporting events may be subject to special conditions and are not always refundable.

1.5 Replacement person

If you are unable to leave for a trip you have booked, it is possible to offer us a replacement person, willing to travel in your place under the same conditions and to take over your travel package.

The replacement person must meet the requirements of the trip taken out; his participation in it must not come up against any legal impediment or decision of an authority. And provided that the service provider companies (hotels, riad) also accept this change. And you continue to be personally responsible for payment of his trip and all expenses.

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