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AMATLICH TOURS” Hikes and treks in the Mauritanian desert by 4X4 or camel,
Chinguetti and Ouadane manuscripts, rock paintings, Oasis, Gueltas…

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-Trek in the desert
-Visit to the ancient cities (the venerable manuscripts preserved in the old libraries)
-Visit to oases, gueltas and cave paintings
-Visit to bird parks (National Park of Banc d’Arquin, & Diawling National Park)
-Visit to one of the remains of the film “fort saganne”.etc….

Our Tours, Go in 4×4 to discover the Sahara, you will cross the high cords of dunes of the Amatlich, admire the wide canyons of the Adrar to reach Chinguetti, the last citadel before the silence of the seas of sand. Enjoy, when you reach Nouakchott, the lunar landscapes contrasting with the fine sandy beaches.

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