Camel trek

Camel treks: From Oudane to Chinguetti, towns classified as world heritage

The wonders of Erg Ouarane (11 Days)

This camel trek allows you to discover the variety of landscapes of Adrar in Mauritania, the cliffs, the dunes of Erg Ouarane in the middle of an ocean of sand and the beautiful palm grove of Tanouchert oasis, meetings with nomads, you will forget for a time the tensions of city life and reconnect with nature.

“A unique and irreplaceable experience. This was our feeling at the end of the trek. »
Juan Carlos Abascal Ruiz de Aguirre

The route:

Arrival in Nouakchott. (Atar) Reception at the airport.
and immediate departure or transfer to the hotel and overnight

Nouakchott- Akjoujt.- Amatlich – Azoiga Oasis
Departure towards Akjoujt and continuation by the track towards the massif of high dunes of Erg Amatlich and the oasis of Azoiga, you will enjoy the large dunes of Azweiga.
Bivouac under the stars or in a nomadic tent

The Tifoujar pass – City of Atar – Ouadane
Departure to pass through the Tifoujar pass, the view is impressive.
a cut of 200 meters in height literally flows into the EL-Abiod wadi at the bottom of the valley.
the dunes rise to attack this completely silted pass, continue towards Atar and continue along the track to the old town of Ouadan. Accommodation in a hostel

Ouadane – Erg Ouarane
in the morning for a visit to the old town of Ouadane where many scholars and thinkers stayed a few centuries ago. Ouadane is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Here we join the camel team, each has a camel for their luggage, then departure towards Erg Ouarane, in the middle of an immense sandy plain which precedes the dunes.
Bivouac under the stars or in a nomadic tent

Tanouchert Oasis
In a labyrinth of small dunes planted with esparto, our caravan continues its route towards the beautiful oasis of Tanouchert where the large palm trees offer considerable shade. Meeting with the semi-sedentary nomads of these regions.
Bivouac under the stars or in a nomadic tent

Tanouchert – Oued R’Kawya
Magnificent setting in the vastness of the Sahara where the sea of sand stretches out to infinity. Here and there, a few acacias alter their darker green, the color of the dunes varies from the palest yellow to the darkest orange. Arrival at Wadi R’Kawya, a privileged place lost in the middle of nowhere, where we will set up our bivouac in the shade of the acacia trees.
Bivouac under the stars or in a nomadic tent

Oued R’Kawya – El Mezrougat
The dune ridges continue endlessly… sometimes white sand, sometimes yellow sand, they lead us to the heart of the Adrar massif where the immense dunes of El Mezrougat are located.
Bivouac under the stars or in a nomadic tent

The Mezrougat – Oued Chinguetti
Still in the heart of the Adrar, still among the labyrinth of dunes, small oases appear from time to time… We arrive at the Chinguetti wadi where the well will allow us to refuel.
Bivouac under the stars or in a nomadic tent

Oued Chinguetti – Chinguetti
At the bend of a dune, when we thought we were alone in the world, the minarets of the famous town of Chinguetti suddenly appeared, the seventh city of Islam… three-quarters of it invaded by sand, it did not preserves no less ancient manuscripts. ; It is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visit to the old town, a museum and a library.
night in hostel

Chinguetti – Canyon Amogjar – Atar – Azougui – Dunes
end of the camel trek and return by 4X4 to Nouakchott
Then we continued towards the Amogjar canyon where we admired cave paintings and visited one of the remains of the film “fort saganne”.etc….
We then head to Atar, the current capital of the Adrar region, which is home to the largest and most colorful market in the entire region with its exotic products, typical of Saharan trade. We first visited Azougui, ancient capital of the Almoravids who inhabited Spain in the 11th century, and current place of worship due to the presence of the tomb of Imam EL-Hadrami.
Bivouac under the stars or in a nomadic tent.

We return to Nouakchott.
visit to the artisanal fishing port, visit to the market, Dinner in town and transfer to the airport.

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  * The price includes :
– Airport reception
– Accommodation
– Full board
– Camping equipment (nomadic tent)
– Transport in 4×4 vehicles
– 4×4 fuels
– camels
– the camel team
– Accompanist
– To cook
– entrances to sites and museums and libraries

* Not Included in the price:
– Steals and charges
– Visa fees
– Travel assistance insurance
– drinks and personal expenses, tips
– All unspecified costs

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