4x4 tour, Duration 14 days

Venir découvrir :Trarza, Tagant, Oualata, via Route of Hope

The route:

Arrival in Nouakchott
Reception at the airport, transfer to the hotel and overnight stay.

Nouakchott – Boutilimitte
Departure to the town of Boutilimitte dominated by its fort, a vestige of the colonial era. It is the city of Cheikh Sidiya, founder of the library, recognized scholar from Timbuktu in Mali, and Mokthar Ould Daddah, father of Mauritanian independence.
Bivouac under the stars or in a nomadic tent.

Departure to the city of Moudjeria, former fortress of the French army
night in bivouac with tea under the nomadic tent or under the stars

Moujriya – N’beika – Matmata
Departure to N’BAIKA oasis with its vast palm grove, lunch visit the large palm grove and the guelta of Matmatah, where some crocodiles survive (recently observed).
Bivouac under the stars or in a nomadic tent

Matmata – Tidjkja – Rachid
Departure to the capital of Tagant Tidjukja you will visit its market, its old houses and we return to the great oasis of Rachid with their wonderful landscape
night in bivouac with tea under the nomadic tent or under the stars

Rachid – Gasr el-barka
Departure to Gsar El Barka, an abandoned ghost town. Founded in the 17th century by the kountas, Gasar el-barka was built in the deep wadi of el-ebiad in the heart of one of the most beautiful hydrographic networks of Tagant, before its destruction. In 1822, the small city prospered thanks to the caravan trade and the cultivation of the date palm. KSAR EL-BARKA presents a remarkable architecture, thick walls made of sandstone stones, well squared and jointed with mud: facades decorated with beautiful triangular cells.
Bivouac with tea under the nomadic tent or under the stars

Gasr el-barka – oasis of Douk and Guerou
By the road of hope which allows us to reach the large palm grove of Douk, and guerou,
Bivouac with tea under the stars or in a nomadic tent

Oasis Guerou – Kiffa – Aioun el-attrousse – Timbedra – Nema
The road of hope crosses villages, where the nomads have settled, we cross the great erg of Trarza, Boutilumite, Aleg, and its immense dry lake, the villages of Makta-lihjar, Sanrava, Echerame, from where the ‘we can reach the oases of Douk, guerou, and about 600 km, Kiffa the capital of the region of the assaba, from here, we can go to the ruins of the old caravan city Aoudaghost, .at Km 800 Aioun el-Atrous is located in a huge bowl of hodh surrounded by the cliffs of Assaba, Tagant, Tichit and Oualata, rocks sculpted by the wind of the cliff of the maddened are worth the detour.
Bivouac with tea under the stars or in a nomadic tent

Nema – Oualata
Built in the 7th century, Oualata is an important stop on the caravan route
this pretty oasis is home to wasteland houses in pastel colors, the doors feature tearful geometric designs
Oualata is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Accommodation in a hostel.

Back to Nouakchott
towards the Route de l’Espoir, 1000 km which will take you through the towns of Aleg, Boutilimit… and several nomadic villages
Bivouac with tea under the stars or in a nomadic tent

and then Nouakchott the capital of Mauritania visit the colorful market,
sunset on the beach where the artisanal fishermen are active.
Dinner in town. and transfer to the airport.


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* The price includes:

  • Reception and transfer to the airport
  • Accommodation
  • Full board
  • Camping equipment (Nomad tent.)
  • Transport in 4×4 Vehicles
  • 4×4 fuels
  • spear fees
  • French-speaking guide
  • To cook
  • entrances to sites and museums and libraries.

* Not Included in the price:

  • Fly and cool
  • visa fees
  • Travel assistance insurance
  • drinks and personal expenses, tips
  • All charges not specified.

For inquiries, reservations : Contact us

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